• Movie: Aaranya Kaandam / Anima and Persona
  • Tamil:ஆரண்ய காண்டம்
  • Director:Thiagarajan Kumararaja
  • Writer: Thiagarajan Kumararaja
  • Producer: S. P. B. Charan
  • Cinematographer: P. S. Vinod
  • Release Date: October 30, 2010 (SAIFF)
  • Runtime: 152 mins
  • Production Company: Capital Film Works
  • Distributor: Capital Film Works
  • Language: Tamil
  • Country: India


A sixty-year old don's waning libido for his twenty-year old captive mistress. A head-henchman plotting a deal with profit sharing in mind. The minion, sees it as the law of life; the old don, a potential threat. A father and son arrive from a village to compete in a rooster-fight, their last hope of survival. The undercurrents at the fight tug at the failed libido of the old don. Now, every twist and turn is a potential threat. The captive mistress finds true love in a dim-witted idiot. The boy works for the don. The idiot-boy has a plan that leads to a "lived happily ever after" for the lovers. In the background, is a city that is sweaty and grimy with rustic human beings and millions worth of cocaine. In the Jungle called life, man continues to draw from the animal within.




Film FestivalsEdit


  • Grand Jury Award for Best Film at 2010 South Asian International Film Festival