• Movie: Akale/At a Distance
  • Malayalam:അകലെ
  • Director:Shyamaprasad
  • Writer:Tennessee Williams
  • Producer:Tom George
  • Cinematographer: S. Kumar, Jithu Palghat
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Language: Malayalam
  • Country: India


Human fragility inspired by "Glass Menagerie"; an Anglo-Indian family in northern Kerala. Neil, a middle-aged writer, struggles with the story of his life, which he has promised to give to a publisher. As he starts writing, we are transported to his past, occupied by his cranky mother Margaret and sister Rose. Neil is a frustrated youngster, working as a clerk in a warehouse, but aspiring to be a writer. His only escape from mundane existence is cinema. Margaret is a demanding and possessive mother, who has her traumatic past to deal with: her sailor husband abandoned her when the children were still young. Rose is a shy and withdrawn girl, suffering from an inferiority complex because of a slight deformity in her leg. She is fascinated by glass figurines. Margaret is worried about Neil's weird ways and Rose's future. She and Neil are always at loggerheads. Things take a turn when Neil brings home a young colleague...


  • based on play Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams