• Movie: Drohi
  • Tamil: துரோகி
  • Director:Sudha K. Prasad
  • Writer: Sudha K. Prasad
  • Producer: Mano Akkineni
  • Cinematographer: Alphonse Roy
  • Release Date: September 10, 2010
  • Production Company:Indira Innovations
  • Language: Tamil
  • Country: India


Samy (Srikanth) and Karuna (Vishnu), who grow up in Royapuram slums, are best pals and attend the school together. They get the shock of their life when their class teacher (Pooja) is brutally murdered by a thug for informing about him to the authorities.The young boys kill the thug. During police interrogation, Karuna drops the name of Samy saying he was the one who commited the murder. This makes Samy to hate Karuna and they grow up as bitter enemies.Samy becomes the henchman of dhadha Naryananan (Thiyagarajan) while Karuna becomes an IPS aspirant. While Malar (Poorna), Karuna’s sister fall for Samy, mad for Karuna is Sruthi (Poonam Bhajwa).


  • Srikanth who played Sami an Brahmin boy turned gangster in real life Srikanth come from Telugu Brahmin family




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