Stop Violence

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  • Movie: Stop Violence
  • Malayalam:സ്റ്റോപ്പ് വയലൻസ്
  • Director:A. K. Sajan
  • Writer: A. K. Santhosh
  • Producer: A. Rajan
  • Cinematographer: Jibu Jacob
  • Release Date: 25 October 2002
  • Language: Malayalam
  • Country: India


Kochi is full of underworld include goodas and corrupt cops include Stephen was charge of Anti-goonda squad but he is aslo head of gang whose trusted assisants were Acid and Saatan when Acid got busted for attacking cop who asking by a young lawyer Pauly whose young cousin named Angelina who was fomrer nun who seek seek protection because her cousin Amala was underworld don theated by rival but Acid deliced he let Saatan be bodyguard of Angelina who become unwed mother followed her kidapping. Satan tomreted Angelia for enjoy teased her and kidnapping baby from rival's brother soon he start soft conrer for her unaware they same had a history when police discovred Stephan actives with gang caused his anger to Saatan which leads bloody climax


1. The film was initially titled 'Violence'. However, due to objection raised by the censor board the title was changed to 'Stop Violence'.The censors asked for at least 10 cuts because they felt it showed women in bad light and that too much blood is being split on the screen. They decided not to challenge the cuts and also agreed for a change in title.

2. The Sequel is Stop Violence 2 (2011) which life of Satan's son

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